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CORE-A55 (Prodino) stands for high-quality reproduction of music data and extended connectivity with digital media including DAP’s and computers.

Belangrijkste Eigenschappen

Compact size. Equipped with wide range of connecting ports. High sound quality.
Comes ready to use and can be set up either vertically or horizontally
Comes with an attached stand, allowing the speaker angles to be adjusted
Realizes both user-friendliness and simple exterior


Versterker voor Compact Luidspreker Systeem

Belangrijkste Eigenschappen

High performance (full digital processing)
Analog/digital isolation structure that reduces deterioration in sound quality
Clean electric power source providing signal amplification with strongly reduced distortion
Aluminum package that has both integrity and rigidity
Equipped with full digital headphone amplifier, designed exclusively for the product
User adjustable sound mode and tone.


Luidsprekerset voor Compact Luidspreker Systeem

Belangrijkste Eigenschappen

Newly developed full-range unit which produces natural sounds
High rigidity aluminum cabinet
Passive radiator which extensively augments low pitched sounds



CORE-A55_English.pdf (2,05 Mb)