Formule 1 & WTCC

Our Sponsorships

At the heart of all Kenwood products is a quest for the perfect sound quality – an atrribute vital in the dynamic, bustling and noisy world of Formula 1. As Official Supplier of radio communications equipment to McLaren since 1991, Kenwood has been at the heart of streamlining the team’s wireless radio links, whether it’s from one race transporter to another on the road, between team members around the paddock, or delivering vital messages to the drivers while they’re racing at 300km/h on the track.

In 2005 KENWOOD extended her sponsorship towards WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) being a successful motor sports event that is experiencing growth around the globe. WTCC is a championship which tours the world, and matches the business activities of KENWOOD which is also expanding globally. In addition, since WTCC is based on production cars, it parallels KENWOOD which is expanding its car electronics business. With this sponsorship we believe that WTCC and KENWOOD will continue to grow together in the future.

KENWOOD’s state-of-the-art technology, and the reliability, ease-of-use and stylish looks of its designs have been a hallmark of the company as it has expanded into developing consumer audio, car audio and satellite navigation products.